A production by Studio 13/16 – Centre Pompidou
In collaboration with the ASMR artist Behind The Moons

Let me relax you by touching works of art – Je te relaxe en touchant des œuvres – was created in collaboration with Studio 13/16 of the Centre Pompidou. It is a set of videos that convokes ASMR in order to experiment with post-internet artworks from the point of view of their manipulation and their power of relaxation.

ASMR is a highly codified self-care practice, born on the Web. It consists of videos posted on YouTube that are supposed to provoke in the viewer relaxing physical sensations, sometimes described as intense.

Caroline Delieutraz have entrusted works – hers and those of several artists – to Behind the Moons, the pseudonym of an ASMR artist who shares her videos with a large online community. Using different techniques specific to this practice, she explores their soothing potential.

Featured artists and artworks:
Emilie Brout & Maxime Marion, Return of the Broken Screens, 2015
Gwendal Coulon, I lose followers everyday, on going
Caroline Delieutraz X Vincent Kimyon, Trolls Just Want To Have Fun, 2020
Carin Klonowski, HS, 2020 – on going
Fabien Mousse, artist created by Raphaël Bastide, Real Internet Art, 2012
Claire Williams, Spectrogrammes (50°36’35.7″N 3°23’34.3″E), since 2014

Research and interviews : Géraldine Miquelot

By hijacking the classic prohibition of “touching artworks”, Let me relax you by touching works of art is a reaction to the anxiety-provoking context of the pandemic and the closing of exhibitions. The project plays with the constraints imposed by the current situation and puts the body and physical sensations back at the heart of the art experience in a way that is as strange as it is new.

This is her second collaboration with an ASMR artist. In 2017, she has collaborated with Rikita ASMR for the realization of the video ✨ Unboxing + Tapping + Whisper ✨ with Rikita ASMR (Embedded Files).