Group show
January 9th – April 22nd 2014
Curators : Caroline Delieutraz et Géraldine Miquelot
L’Abbaye of Annecy-le-Vieux, France

Pauline Bastard
Charles Beauté et Juliette Goiffon
Oliver Laric
Hélène Moreau
Marianne Muller
Estefania Peñafiel Loaiza
Jon Rafman
Jean-Luc Verna

The exhibition “Marked by an image” brings together international artists working with images cut from papers, found on the internet or in movies. Like the narrator in Chris Marker’s film La Jetée, the artists are “marked by an image”: they materialize this mark by bringing it alive in an exhibition. Using different mediums (drawing, sculpture, video, photography, performance, installation), they investigate the circulation of images at a time when these have never been so mobile. Moving from one context to the other through re-appropriations, quotations, misappropriations or re-tweets, they’re disconnected from their initial referent while maintaining the illusion of expressing a concrete reality. It’s less their original context than their circulation that gives them meaning, whereas their archetypal character continues marking us insidiously.

The artists in the exhibition join this cycle as they continue with the manipulation of images already in circulation. The availability of digital images and their multiplication inevitably changes their status and leads to questions pertaining to copyright in the age of internet. The “originality” of the presented artworks is no longer measured with traditional criteria, but finds itself in what the artists transmit of the image, and in the history carried along by the image itself.