Installation, file, printed screenshots, posters, video interview of 15 min

Venezzia_biennal_jn_3.jpg is the result of an investigation about a familiar image on Wikipédia.

The name of the installation is that of a Wikipedia emblematic image file, which is nowadays “fallen” into the web (but not forgotten), at the origin of a misunderstanding concerning more than 700 artists. While almost the whole number of people who visited the pages concerning “contemporary art” on the participative encyclopedia between 2005 and 2010 know this picture, only a handful of specialists knows exactly what it is represented.

Having noticed the omnipresence of this photography within the results in Google Images for requests concerning some contemporary artists, Caroline Delieutraz found its author, Jean-Noël Lafargue, who also is at the origin of posts on the picture on Wikipedia. Here, the artist “publishes” – meaning both printing and making public – the digital file “Venezzia_biennal_jn_3.jpg” under diverse forms (photographies, posters, screen captures), in order to confront it – plastically – to the consequences of the illusory information : dozens of pages of the encyclopedia, even articles from other blogs in which the picture is attributed to every kind of artists – never the good ones.

It is also the occasion to talk about the authors of the work represented on the referring picture. Ironically, these authors don’t have reviews on the French version of Wikipedia. From testimonies to conviction pieces, the enquiry carried by the artist does not only demonstrates the fragility of these information available on the Internet : it also reveals a second series of data, subtly hidden under the interface of an “information highway”.

Géraldine Miquelot