Video installation, 3 screens, 9/16, loop
Monologue, 6’05 – Odyssey, 3’56 – Flammables, 6’28

Caroline Delieutraz’s singularly personal installation offers a glimpse into the mind of infamous Internet troll Aurélien. The numerous images and screenshots contained on his hard disk form an archive of his online activities. Delieutraz uses this data to compose a character study of Aurélien : his personality, his intentions, his imagination and his actions are gradually revealed in three vertical videos which help draw the portrait of a complex individual. A short “story” shows Aurélien speaking alongside his collection of pictures, his harassments, manipulations and stolen identities. The world that Aurélien has constructed, which blends classical painting, war imagery and a fascination for Nazism, racism and misogyny, strikes us as being at once grandiose and pathetic, romantic and trivial, naive and cynical. The Flammables video reveals the archives and images contained on Aurélien’s hard disk, his different identities represented by 3D avatars. The short film Odyssey sees the artist adapt of one of Aurélien’s science fiction stories. Finally, Monologue is the result of a series of interviews.Since its creation, the internet has been a playground for trolls. These practices have arguably been allowed to gain visibility thanks to social media and its failure to moderate hate content which can be shared, downloaded and duplicated within seconds. The troll has become a figure of our civilization, a modern myth. The figure of the troll allows us to question notions such as anonymity, identity, good and evil in new terms.