Galery 22,48m², Paris
from June 3rd to June 25th 2011
Curator : Géraldine Miquelot

While Internet is frequently associated with an excess of information and particularly of images, Falling Picture celebrates the cases in which the opposite takes place. Here, Caroline Delieutraz takes up the motive which features absence, the failure of the spread of a picture, the deficiency of the source or a broken link being in cause.

The picture in itself never really disappears from the network, but its de-localization disturbs the good functioning of navigators, who replace it with another layout : an empty frame, miming the hole left by the absence of the image, and a red dot, last hint of life.

The picturing of emptiness, unnoticed on the Internet, develops into a plastic motif, living according to the medium on which the artist spreads it. Slowly falling like snow on a webpage, as a break, even a rest, like a final dot to the unceasing merry-go-round of images. website could be hypnotic if it did not borrow a medium itself characterised with a profusion of information frantically broadcast. The large discrepancy between motif and support is to be found under another shape when Carole Delieutraz published some associations of these motifs on paper. The relative simplicity of the motif, the familiarity of the support allow every kind of projections. Then united in populations who love crazy adventures between attraction and repulsion, isolation and union, the empty squares turn into authentic fiction character, both moving and troubling.

Geraldine Miquelot