Les Matrices (The Matrix), 2012, www12.01, www12.02, www12.03.
www12.01, wax, 31,7 x 23,2 x 4,5 cm
www12.02, negative, plexiglass, 11 x 13,5 cm
www12.03, copper, 20,1 x 30 cm

www12.01, www12.02, www12.03 are the first three pieces of a series called Matrix, (an archeology of the web). Throughout these objects manually taken from the Internet, Caroline Delieutraz proposes a materialisation of the production and spread of Internet contents. This enigmatic text is an example used on many blogs profile types. This stereotyped image has illustrated diverse minor news stories for several years. This computer sign symbolises every mouse pointers of the world. Does an original exist ? These infertile matrix relaunches the reflexion on the origin of the information on the Internet.

Mathilde Sauzet for the exhibition “Les cascades de l’infraréel”, curators : Les commissaires anonymes, Xpo Gallery, Paris, 2012.