Video, loop, sound

Blue-skinned humanoid faces succeed one another in a hypnotic morphing, lethargic Zotrians from Ulysses 31 to the Na’vi of Avatar, the Draags, blue giants from Fantastic Planet, Tron softwares, each one pretending to be the original blue man, others beings mutants, animals, freaks, copies. Caroline Delieutraz, author of the short-movie Blue Meme, isolates these characters from their original universe (video games, comic strips, movies…) and associates them with a common fiction. Figure of the strange, half-human, half-something-else (animal, alien, robot), they represent, in their respective fiction, otherness. Here, they form a sort of community of hybrid creatures, absurd and orphans who continuously transform and self-generate.

Marie Lechner in Libération, 30 et 31 octobre 2010