Making Contact

Curation 2017

A curation in 10 emails from 17 to 28 July 2017
Download the archive in pdf

Making Contact is an online exhibition that focuses on artworks that have arisen from the collaboration between an artist and a cultural producer – amateur or professional – who can be identified within their field.
The six artworks selected for this exhibition are the result of a negotiation between artists and cultural producers who have very differing practices. Arnaud Dezoteux worked with a Keanu Reeves’ fan, (LA)HORDE with a small community of jumpstylers, Reija Meriläinen with a couple of Youtubers who destroy objects using a hydraulic press, Caroline Delieutraz with an ASMR specialist, Paul Heintz with a Chinese copyist painter and Marion Balac with ghostwriters 2.0.

For each of the artworks presented in the exhibition we were interested in the various moments that built up the relationship between the collaborators: the first mail, making contact, in which the artist gets to introduce themself, their practice and their first intention, then the negotiation that leads to the production of the artwork, finally its reception within the respective universe of the collaborator. These three steps are constitutive and the final artwork proves it.

Curated by Caroline Delieutraz & Stephanie Vidal for Slowly 10 a project facilitated by KoProjects.