【 binaural sound 🎧 】

✨ Unboxing + Tapping + Whisper ✨ with Rikita ASMR (2017) Caroline Delieutraz

In collaboration with Rikita ASMR

Caroline Delieutraz invited the YouTuber Rikita ASMR specialist of ASMR (a method of relaxation specific to YouTube) to manipulate a series of her works: the Embedded Files. The video ✨Unboxing + tapping + whisper✨ with Rikita ASMR, show the YouTube artist’s hands probing and caressing each capsule in a perfectly choreographed, synchronous gesture reminiscent of both teleshopping and palmistry (reading in the lines of the hand). This tactile and audio discovery is accompanied by a voice that offers an interpretation of each capsule.

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Interview, Making Contact, 2017
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Do Disturb, Institut d’Esthétique, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2018

Soirée Art&Thérapie, Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2019