• France Inter

    Julien Baldacchino, Oui, toucher des œuvres d’art (et les écouter) peut être relaxant : quand l’art rencontre l’ASMR, France Inter, 13 mars 2021
    www.franceinter.fr (French)

  • Diario di Navarra

    Paloma Dealbert, “Mapamundistas” vuelve con seis muestras, Diario di Navarra, 18 septiembre 2020

  • Optical Sound

    “A little news, relayed and forgotten becomes a knot in the work of the artist. She refuses the flow that she transforms into fiction, investigation, drift.”

    “Sous la carapace du net” (Under the shell of the net) by Maxence Alcalde, in Optical Sound number 6, April 2019

    www.lespressesdureel.com (French)